Newa Lana at Kirtipur

Thanks to this recent video on YouTube now you don’t have to go hungry in Kathmandu 😉 The foodies Anup and Aaman have covered quite a few food spots of the city and I am sure some of them are on your favourites already. The places from their list of 10 that I’ve been to are Lassi at Basantapur/Indrachowk, Ranjana Galli ko Soda, Cafe Soma Jhamsikhel, Almaya Fried Chicken Patan and Newa Lana Kirtipur. I will definitely have to search for the Rum Pum Chat and the Kamalpokhari Momo! Looks delicious!! Anyone want to join??

Newa Lana at Kirtipur
Newa Lana at Kirtipur
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