Nepali Domestic and Sexual Abuse Specialist in Aldershot!


Important announcement here!

If you are suffering from domestic violence or abuse of any kind then please do get in touch Mina Pun. Mina is the Nepali domestic and sexual abuse advisor based at Aldershot Citizens Advice Bureau. If you decide to seek help then just know that Mina will be there to offer support. Besides direct communication, you can read her articles on Everest Times and listen to her speak about domestic violence and sexual abuse on Radio BGWS tomorrow (Wed 28 Jan) from 2PM onwards.

In the coming days Mina is hoping to address many more issues facing the Nepali community in the UK from gambling, gender inequality, homosexuality, financial dependence, substance misuse, lack of communication between different generations, sex being a taboo subject, to arrange/pressurised marriage! I definitely feel we need more individuals such as Mina Pun working around the UK to address the problems that are faced within the Nepali community. Unfortunately, a LOT of the problems are kept hush-hush behind close doors. You know, everyone wants to keep a “clean image” because if others knew, then that would just be the end of everything! Saddening.

Extending her support, Mina sharedI am requesting you to spread the word that if anybody in the UK needs help or information regarding domestic abuse, then I am here to help in any way I can. I will have to prioritize victims from Rushmoor (Aldershot and Farnborough) but depending on my caseload, I can provide phone support to victims from other areas. My job can be summarised in three points:

1. Advising Nepali victims on help available to them, helping them understand the procedures of various agencies and if they have language or cultural barrier, then assisting them to access those services.

2. Raising awareness about domestic abuse in our society, its consequences and the services they can access.

3. Working closely with agencies that provide help, to identify emerging issues in Nepali society and planning strategies to reduce them.”

You can contact Mina Mon-Fri between 9AM-5PM. Details below!

Mina Pun
Nepali Domestic and Sexual Abuse Specialist Adviser
Aldershot Citizens Advice Bureau
39 High Street
GU11 1BH
Tel: 01252 333618

Dont forget to listen to RADIO BGWS on Wednesday 28th January from 2PM to listen to Mina Pun talk about some of the issues mentioned above! Spread the word! 

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