Nepal Airlines’ Airbus A320 Sagarmatha Arrives!

Photo: Kanchan Adhikari/Pahilo Post
Photo: Kanchan Adhikari/Pahilo Post


Today, February 8, will be known as the day when Nepal Airlines received its new aircraft AIRBUS A320-200 for Nepali aviation lovers for many years to come. The brand new aircraft which goes by the name of SAGARMATHA was supposed to touch-down in Tribhuvan International Airport at 11AM however after a reschedule, the Nepal Airlines Airbus aircraft only hit home-ground at around 4.45PM. As per the agreement, Nepal Airlines will receive a second Airbus aircraft after two months.

The new AIRBUS A320 aircraft is expected to start flying by the end of this month. Sagarmatha will most likely fly on the Kathmandu – Delhi route (no NA flights on that route right now).

The addition of two new aircraft for the Nepal Airlines fleet still doesn’t guarantee the successful operation for the airline which has been known by many to be mismanaged and in requirement of a huge revamp! We shall have to wait and see how Nepal Airlines performs with its new aircraft – of course – I am hoping for the best and wish the airlines spreads it’s wings throughout Asia and beyond! You might want to read this ‘Saving Nepal Airlines‘ from Nepali Times.

PS. Check out the photos of the arrival over on, captured by Kanchan Adhikari

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  1. its no big deal having new aviation in nepal instead it’s all about havin to have good modern flight attendance through out the entire flight… Air service in our flight is far more worst than the local train running inside India…. Entirely change service personnel ( not the pilot )

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