NEPALI AWAAZ Annual Conference at London School of Economics


This year the LSE Nepalese Society will be hosting its first annual conference “NEPALI AWAAZ” from the 10th of February to the 12th of February 2015.

FEB 10: 4 to 5PM. EAST Building (EAS.E304). Professor Surya P. Subedi.

FEB 11: 6 to 7PM. St Clements Building (STC.S221). Sudin Kansakar (LSE Alumni).

FEB 12: 6 to 7PM. Clement House (CLM 7.02) Dr Mara Malagodi.

The public event is free and has been organised to give everyone a chance to debate, discuss and learn about the recent and prolonging issues faced by Nepal. The conference will cover issues such as education, law, politics, economics and much more. All the talks will be held at the LSE. This definitely sounds like a really good event to know more and hear from professionals about Nepal.


PS. Other Nepalese Societies should also host events such as this.

Nepali-Awaaz-LSE-Society Nepali-Awaaz-LSE-Society-1

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