Priyanka Karki’s Item Dance for Mission Paisa 2

Here’s an item dance performed by the Suntali actress Priyanka Karki for Mission Paisa 2: Reloaded. The song Chachari is a remake of an old classic and it showcases Karki doing her moves, very much on point. Besides seeing Karki in the video we also see Nisha Adhikari and Anup Sapkota. The action thriller will hit the cinemas on February 27!

I just didn’t feel the “item number” or Priyanka in this video. Very routine. What do you think?


Voice & Music: Late Pandav Sunuwar, Remixed by: Kiran Tuladhar
Cinematography: Hari Humagain, Editor: Dirgha Khadka
Choreography: Priyanka Karki

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