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Here’s an inspiring action that makes up the perfect Sunday read!

Veteran runner Raj Pradhan, professional trail-runner Upendra Sunuwar and Sudeep Kandel ran from Mechi to Mahakali for ROAD TO EDUCATION, an independent event initiated by Kandel. The trio hit the road on 25th of November and completed the run one day ahead of schedule on the 13th of December, 2014. Raj, Upendra and Sudeep covered 1027 km in a total of 19 days, averaging 54km per day. Crossing through five developmental regions and twenty districts, the runners got the opportunity to interact with locals, government officials, youth led clubs and students on why they were running for education and how it will support SANO PRAYAS.

The GoFundMe target of $2000 was also successfully reached. The amount fundraised will support SANO PRAYAS, a non-profit dedicated to supporting the education of under-privileged children.

A very inspiring action from Sudeep, Raj and Upendra’ I definitely agree on the “Why Are We Doing This?” point (below). A huge deal of information and awareness activities need to take place in rural Nepal and they’ve done a great job.

Two key questions copied from the Road To Education website for more info!


Founded in 2011, Sano Prayas educates children who belong to families of low financial background, or who are orphans. Sano Prayas is a non-profit, non-religious organization that maintains that Education opens door to opportunity and civilization. A fully registered charitable trust in Nepal since 2012, Sano Prayas is run by volunteers who oversee various programmes throughout the country. Last year Sano Prayas provided education for some 22 underprivileged children. Currently Sano Prayas is restructuring its program and starting its scholarship program from one student. Sano Prayas has been working for the development of the economically disadvantaged children of Nepal since 2011. Our objective is to provide quality school education to impoverished children as we believe that only a good quality structured education provides for better future career prospects for these children and hence a way out of a long cycle of poverty. Sano Prayas is a non-profit, non-religious organization based in Nepal.


What we figured out during our visits to rural parts of Nepal was that, people were at the swirl of poverty which caused social and economic backwardness and discrimination. The only getaway, for these families is to provide education to their children and help the under-privileged population to become independent. Until and unless we help these children, by providing free quality education, which aids in their personal and social development, to stand on their own feet, we can not dream of eradicating poverty let alone develop a sustainable society.

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