Turkish Airlines Crash Lands in Kathmandu

Photo by passenger Dikesh Malhotra
Photo by passenger Dikesh Malhotra

Turkish-Airlines-Crash-Land-2 Turkish-Airlines-Crash-Land-3 Turkish-Airlines-Crash-Land-4

Photo by Neil Pande
Photo by Neil Pande

Some dramatic images of Turkish Airlines have surfaced online! Flight TK726 skidded off the runway at Tribhuvan International Airport this morning due to “low visibility”. Thankfully, nobody is believed to be badly hurt or injured. The Airbus A330-303 aircraft which flew from Istanbul, Turkey damaged the nose of the aircraft.

An account from a fellow passenger on OnlineKhabar shared that the aircraft crash landed due to the failure of the landing gear (Read it here).

The passengers and crew were rescued through the emergency door of the aircraft. Well done to the TIA emergency team for handling the situation.

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  1. They didn’t crash because of any failure. The landing gear collapsed after while the aircraft hit the ground.

    • “The landing gear collapsed after while the aircraft hit the ground.” That’s basically what “crash because of any failure” means.

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