Sushant Pradhan – Nepali Fitness Vlogger

When he’s not busy at The Physique Workshop or writing about fitness for WAVE magazine, Sushant Pradhan occupies his time by vlogging about fitness. Sushant could very well be the first Nepali fitness vlogger on YouTube! Pradhan shares informative tips about working out, eating healthy, going on hikes – it’s a lot more than just weights. He also brings in guests to help him demonstrate the exercise.

To read more from Sushant, you can head over to his official website where you’ll find a good deal of information. Hmmm. Erm. I should’ve got in contact with him when I was in Nepal – my body has been needing a transformation since 2000 and late!

Photo: Aayush Shrestha Photography.
Photo: Aayush Shrestha Photography.

PS. He has two YouTube channels!

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