WG Trunk Co’s Adventure in Nepal


The recent adventure by the Australian men’s travel store Whillas and Gunn (W.G.) Trunk Co brought them to Nepal. The photos look absolutely beautiful and they have even wrote about their time in Nepal over on the official site under ‘Adventures’.  The bags especially the backpack look amazing – in fact – everything WG Trunk Co look amazing.

WG-Trunk-Co-Nepal-3 WG-Trunk-Co-Nepal-2 WG-Trunk-Co-Nepal-1 WG-Trunk-Co-Nepal-5 WG-Trunk-Co-Nepal-4


WG Trunk Co is a men’s travel store that is driven by the belief that life shouldn’t be played from behind a desk. We believe in exploring, wandering, experiencing and tasting as much of life’s spice first hand.

The outcome of our prolific and intrepid travels is a carefully curated range of products that we believe will help people walk the path as we do. To ensure our gear is up to the challenge, we will constantly be testing all our products as we continue our non-stop trip around the globe by whatever means possible – be that trains, planes or camels!

For style savvy world wanderers – or for any aspiring adventurers and dreamers – follow us on our on journey across the world and back. It will be anything but boring!

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