It has been a while but Hey, why rush aye? If you’re “in” the Kathmandu scene then you’ll have easily spotted Neha Banu in every other magazine, fashion shows or sometimes even on the roadside advertisements. Her cover feature on Movers & Shakers was quite something and she continued charming many on stage at the Classic Diamond fashion show. She’s very very Ramri so it just makes sense for her to be on #RamriAlert

Photo by Anjil Maskey
Photo by Anjil Maskey

Photo by Anjil Maskey
Photo by Anjil Maskey

Photo by Anjil Maskey
Photo by Anjil Maskey

A brief convo with Neha!

What was your first modelling work?

My first modeling work was from HOF House of Fashion and I was 18 years old then. The experience was pretty good, it not only helped me groom myself, it helped me be an extrovert.

You’ve been successful in being able to acquire a lot of work and campaigns; what has been the most memorable experience through being a model?

My most memorable experience was working with Classic Diamond and the TPJFS show where I even got the opportunity to walk the show with Sushmita Sen.

Outside of modelling, what do you do?

Outside modeling, I study BSc computing in British college.

In your view, the important things that needs improvement in the modelling sector in Nepal is?

My point of view is when it comes to modeling, people lack respect because they think it’s an easy thing to do. But in truth, we work really hard to achieve what we have achieved, so I think we deserve a little more credit for the work we do.

Photo by Anjil Maskey
Photo by Anjil Maskey

This morning I ate: Sandwich.

Standing at: 5’6″.

If I was in a club I would be: Dancing like there’s no ones watching.

I feel the most comfortable in: Jeans and a tee.

In a relationship I am: Very committed.

In the future I would like to: Excel in whatever I am doing.

My family is: My everything.

Boys are: Boys are boys. They never change. But then neither do we.

My favourite place to hang-out is: Moksh, jhamsikhel.

I am the boss in: The things I choose to do.

Photo by Kishor Kayastha
Photo by Kishor Kayastha

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