Priyanka Karki Talks About Facebook Twitter and Instagram!

Priyanka Karki talks to NagarikNews Media
Priyanka Karki talks to NagarikNews Media

Now Priyanka Karki is definitely somebody who’s under the radar of thousands across the globe! Karki is undoubtedly one of the most visible actors in recent times thanks to her NCELL endorsement, tie-up with several brands and her ability to continue her reign in Nepali music videos, public events and through her films. The biggest factor which sets Priyanka Karki ahead is that you never stop seeing her; log on to one of your few social media profiles and you may stumble upon a post of Priyanka Karki on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The most visible actress is also the most accessible; she has over 196,000 Likes on her verified Facebook page, 17,600+ Followers on Twitter and 36,500+ Followers on Instagram. It’s no surprise that people all over the world want to get a glimpse the Suntali actress’ life. She also makes it very easy. She’s active in all of the profiles and regularly has chats with fans on her profiles. Whilst an online chat isn’t anything new; Hollywood celebrities have been doing it all the time but in the context of Nepal; it is definitely something that not many public figures have explored. With Priyanka’s large following online, the actress has plenty of questions to choose from and plenty to avoid.

A Genius Fans Creation.
A Genius Fans Creation.

The actress spoke to Nagarik News about her experience using social media. Known for her bubbly personality, she has found herself in a fair share of ‘drama’ whilst using the various platforms. From the wardrobe malfunction scandal to the recent car-purchase news, she’s constantly in the middle of it and by the looks of the interview, she very well knows how to get out of it too.

Watch the interview to hear from the actress, a thoroughly entertaining watch.

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