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Abhaya and The Steam Injuns will be performing live in London on September 6 as part of the first ever WOMEN IN CONCERT UK Edition. Women in Concert is a charity concert from Nepal and the UK event has been brought over by Origami Radio. Known for their hits Sakdina, Sapana ra Kartabya and Timro Lagi, Abhaya and The Steam Injuns will be performing in the UK for the very first time. If there’s anyone who knows how to put on a good show then it’s definitely Abhaya Subba. The lead vocalist is an amazing performer and quite the rocker! The band were also invited to perform for a migme event in Singapore earlier in 2015.

Joining the WOMEN IN CONCERT UK Edition will be over a dozen artists from the UK. The singers for the night are Anita Limbu, Anu Rai, Aruneema Rai, Kristina Allen, Lachhu Sherpa, Monica Limbu (King George VII), Nitika Bura, Neelam Gurung, Nia Dewan/Sushmita Thapa, Sabu Gurung, Uma Magar (Sound Lila), Teena Rai and Mamita Setling (Zulu Moon).

September 6 is the date and the musical extravaganza will kick off from 7PM-11PM at the Electric Brixton in London. This event is endorsed by UNICEF Nepal, Swiss Embassy for Nepal and Gurkha Peace Foundation UK.

You can buy tickets online – click here.

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  1. As such, I find myself chatting with some of my Nepali friends on migme to check on their safety after the earthquake, learning more about their food and culture as well as the music they enjoy. That s how I got to know about Abhaya and Steam Injuns, a rock band from Nepal who is currently in Singapore to perform for Music Matters Live.

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