Lady Gaga Buys Alexander McQueen Armadillo Boots For Nepal Fundraiser!

Photo: LADY GAGA (Facebook)
Photo: LADY GAGA (Facebook)

Photo: LADY GAGA (Facebook)
Photo: LADY GAGA (Facebook)

The three Alexander McQueen Armadillo boots for the Nepal Earthquake fundraiser have fetched a whopping $295,000! The rare boots that were up for auction was estimated to fetch $10,000 – $15,000 per pair. The three pair of hand-made Armadillo boots have been snapped up by popstar LADY GAGA. The singer has previously worn the Alexander McQueen armadillo boots at various red carpet events and also on her music video for Bad Romance. The boots were handcrafted in Italy from wood and python skin. Hmm! Poor animals. Ughhh.

Wearing animal fur or skin is not cool, even if it’s Alexander McQueen.

Photo: UNICEF Brasil

WorldMcQueen on Instagram posted “Through the sale of the iconic Armadillo boot designed by Lee Alexander McQueen, and with the generous support of @Christiesinc we are proud to donate $295k to @unicefusa to continue the important work the organization is doing to help the relief efforts in Nepal @christieshandbags#SavageBeauty @ladygaga Photo: Anne Deniau @anne2046“. Similarly, UNICEF BRASIL also posted a note thanking Lady Gaga for the purchase of the boots.

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