Priyanka Karki’s Interview With Rishi Dhamala – VIDEO

Actress Priyanka Karki appeared on Rishi Dhamala’s DHAMALA KO HAMALA chat-show on Himalaya TV and let’s just say, the old man was back to his annoying old tricks! I understand that asking about personal life and personal views always makes good TV but when you are assuming rather than putting a question forward it certainly does no one a favour.

Rishi Dhamala has a huge reach and a lot of people watch him. I hope that people watch him with an open mind and not take his style of questioning and thoughts that he expresses on the TV show with them after the TV show finishes. The last thing we need is for men to think “Oh yes, Rishi Dhamala did say that once women are married, they should listen to men more” and women to believe that they should always live under their husbands control. Likewise – women wearing dresses and skirts are completely fine – just like how men wear suits and shorts.

A bit of tongue-in-cheek convo is fun but not when there’s too much of it. It’s very condescending when Rishi Dhamala asks if there was any involvement of any businessman during her recent car-purchase that created quite a stir in the online media world. He continued asking her even when she had stated that her father had also helped financially in purchasing the car. Dhamala really needs to understand what his questions can imply. He may very well easily ask future interviewees if they slept with a director/producer to get the movie role.

Ugh! Filth. DO tell me what you make of it?


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  1. Oh what a bad interviewer – kept interrupting her as if she is of no importance to him. annoying 🙁

  2. kasto pakhe jasto kta. Even he dont know what he is asking… his wife herself is so ugly village type girl.
    Sambidhan ma skirt ko kura ka bata aayo. Yesto pakhe kta lai kasle permision diyo hola interview dina_

  3. What an ignorant And patronising man he is. He knows no boundries, and is extremely narrow minded. I am surprised that a person like him has his own chat show. Really impressed how Priyanka Karki handled the whole thing though, kudos to her.

  4. Ohh god someone kill this guy.?? how can some one be so narrow minded every one has there right to dress as they want. Human rights ho yar.. esley vaney anusar tah sabai kta ley dura suruwal lagayera hinu parney ani kt ley guniyo cholo lagaunu parney.wot a dumb fuck . And abt sambidhan euta khatah tah sabailey suney ko hola baagh ayo baagh ayo vaney tesati vai sakyo yo sambidhan jailey bancha vancha banney chai thegan chaina ani kaslai intrest huncha .. guff nai vai sakyo ..

  5. What’s the point of the interview if he won’t let her speak?
    I couldn’t even bare to listen the whole interview. She should’ve just leave from there.

  6. i dont blame the interviewer or feel sorry for the interviewee cause its interesting and makes it hot and spicy. this is like relating to kanye taking over taylor swift in stage interesting lol

  7. Babu dhamal ko question ma dum 6ina… Ketaketi jasto kura gar6 yar. Narrow mind… Priyanka le chapayo dhamal lai hahahahahahahahh

  8. Really disappointed with the status of the Nepalese journalism. This hypocrite is questioning why she is wearing a dress when he himself is wearing pants: wear daura Siruwari dumbo! This is a free world. Anyone can wear whatever s/he wants to. Shame on you stupid Dhamala! DIE. Stop questioning someone else’s life choices. Hope you realize how wrong and stupid you are and never show your face again,

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