Bhim Niroula’s Latest – LETS FLY IN THE SKY!

The Sunday Morning Love You singer Bhim Niroula is back with LETS FLY IN THE SKY! The video features quite a number of scenic back-drops; dancing in a fake airport, clouds, woods, you name it! Bhim Niroula is joined by actress Neeta Dhungana who looks like she’s enjoying flying in the sky with Mr Niroula!

The two leads of the video are supported by some enthusiastic group of dancers. Tyyalent. It’s a Bhim Niroula video, take it lightly and enjoy it. If you aren’t amused by such music and videos then just skip to the next thing 🙂

Bhim Niroula should sing for Nepali films next!

Bhim Niroula and actress Neeta Dhungana
Bhim Niroula and actress Neeta Dhungana

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