Nepali Boy Receives Signed Jersey From Cristiano Ronaldo!


Thirteen year old Jetin Shrestha is probably the coolest boy in school after receiving a special signed jersey from Cristiano Ronaldo. The football lover opened the package in front of friends in his school and photographer Omar Havana. Havana and Portugese-based journalist Magarida Mota made it their goal to reach out to Ronaldo to tell him about the young football fanatic. Mota made contact with the footballer’s agent Jorge Mendes. The jersey reads “Jetin Shrestha, Be Strong, Cristiano Ronaldo”.

When the earthquake struck Nepal in April 25, the school boy was playing football and apparently continued playing football after the earthquake stopped. He’s very lucky to receive the gift from the football star!

Cristiano-Ronaldo-Nepal-Jersey Cristiano-Ronaldo-Nepal-Jersey-2 Cristiano-Ronaldo-Nepal-Jersey-3 Cristiano-Ronaldo-Nepal-Jersey-Omar-Havana

The news has been reported on the Mirror newspaper.

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