Hunting Gets Expensive in Nepal!

Photo: Safari International
Photo: Safari International

A visit to Nepal’s only hunting reserve in Dhorpatan can come at a steep price after the introduction of new rates! Hunters will now have to pay a whopping Nrs 926,000 for Jharal (Himalayan Tahr) and Nrs 330,000 for Nayaur (Himalayan Blue Sheep). Hunting in Dhorpatan is apparently an exclusive affair with only a selected few agencies able to provide hunting license in the area for a limited period of time. According to Republica daily “the reserve has been given permission for allowing the hunting of 19 wild animals in five blocks of its area”.

With a challenging accessibility and infrastructure around the reserve, hunters normally come from USA, Spain, Denmark, Hungary and Russia and can spend up to Nrs 3 million. Apparently certain amount of funds also goes towards the local community and environment conservation.

You can read more about hunting in Nepal on here.

I hope they keep it to this level and do not increase the number of animals that can be hunted and also make better provisions for the local community so the money generated from hunting goes a longer way in Dhorpatan. What do you think?

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  1. I am against hunting and i think it should be banned. Just because the locals and the government can earn money doesn’t give them the right to kill innocent animals. Yea I’m an animal activist and thanks.

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