Trying Out The allocacoc PowerCubes!


I recently received these really urban edgy designed allocacoc PowerCubes and I have to say they are pretty awesome. I’m not the only one raving about the design as the PowerCube family also won quite a few awards including the Red Dot award for good industrial design. In brief, the allocacoc powercubes make work and life more efficient and convenient. Oh and it looks pretty snazzy.


Out of the three allocacoc PowerCube I received, my favourite has to be the PowerCube Remote. The PowerCube Remote makes life super-convenient and to some extent, can make you lazy. If you’re like me who does not want to get up to turn the lamp off then the remote button is your answer. You can switch on or off from anywhere and you do not have to worry about batteries or charging the remotes as it does not need batteries. Perfect for lazy students, like me.


The allocacoc PowerCube Extended USB is perfect for work and office. I especially like this one as it is powered with dual USB ports which is great for charging your personal devices whilst you work on your laptop which can be powered through the PowerCube point (which you can stick on or beneath your desk).


The allocacoc PowerCube ReWirable to me is perfect if you’re a jet-setter. It comes with five power outlets suitable for Europe, America, Australia and one of the applied socket can also be used in Nepal. The PowerCube ReWirable does not come with an extension so you can fit it in the smallest of hand carriage for when you travel next time.

If you’re into designs, green credentials and making life and work more efficient then I guess you know where to go!

The allocacoc PowerCube family also include PowerCube Monitor, audioCube (now that sounds awesome), PowerUSB HUB and PowerBank HUB.

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