It may have taken a while but it looks like it’s finally done! Taplejung’s Suketar Airport is back in action and TARA AIR has resumed flights between Kathmandu and Taplejung. The weekly flight takes place on Friday mornings and a single fare for a Nepali national is priced at Nrs 6810 whilst foreign nationals will have to pay $281 USD. Incredibly steep!

Suketar Airport is the gateway to Kanchenjunga Conservation Area and where the third highest mountain in the world lies, Kanchenjunga. Unfortunately, the infrastructure for trekkers in the region is very insufficient but this new development of the completion of the airport renovation and the link with Kathmandu is certainly a good sign. Let’s not forget this link is also great for residents of Taplejung.

Now here’s to hoping that Taplejung bazaar is able to solve it’s electricity problem.

Suketar Airport behind me, MAY 2014
Suketar Airport behind me, MAY 2014

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