‘This is Nepal’s internal problem’ Kamal Thapa (VIDEO)

Nepal’s deputy prime minister and foreign minister Kamal Thapa’s speech is making quite the rounds on social media right now. Thapa defended Nepal’s human rights records during a speech in Geneva at the 23rd Session of UN Human Rights Council. It’s definitely quite a stand that he has taken of speaking out and I definitely applaud him for that. But you also have to remind yourself that our leaders are responsible for actions such as this, let’s hope Kamal Thapa inspires many other leaders to take a stand, to be bold and to speak up!


“This is Nepal’s internal problem and we are competent enough to address it on our own” referring to the current situation in Madhesh.

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  1. Yeah, dude, they must be responsible for such unconditional sorrowful situation. They must settle this problem and improve the better neighborhood between Nepal and India.

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