KATHMANDU VIEW TOWER Set To Be The Tallest Building

Photo: The Kathmandu Post
Photo: The Kathmandu Post

Clearly not put off by the earthquake that only took place about seven months ago, Kathmandu will have the country’s highest building in the next three years (don’t mark my words – Nepali Timing will surely come into play). The foundation stone for the 29-storey high Kathmandu View Tower was laid by Vice President Nanda Bahadur Pun during an event earlier in November. The Nrs 7 Billion project is a public-private partnership (PPP) venture being constructed by the Kathmandu Metropolitan Corporation and Jaleshwor Swachchhanda Bkoi Builders.

The Vice President shared “Constructing different-purpose buildings like residence, business among others in order to make the increasing population of Kathmandu valley systematic is becoming challenging. Constructing multi-purpose building is alternative to this.”

Now that is a building I do not want to be in during an earthquake!

PS. Let’s not compete. Do we really need to go higher?

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  1. “cut your coat according to your cloth”

    this sounds like a good thing but do we seriously need this? why dont they spend the money for initiatives to make people more aware about earthquake and the consequences of buildings that are not resistant to eathquakes . or how about creating some reliable bridges in rural areas so that people can move around more conveniently? or why not spend the amount to reconstruct the historical monuments which have been left neglected after the earthquake?
    this will probably encourage people to make taller buildings in kathmandu which will possibly have negative effect to the environment in the longer;?

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