Kabaddi Kabaddi Brings In The Money!!

Rishma Gurung and Saugat Malla
Rishma Gurung and Saugat Malla

The new Nepali release Kabaddi Kabaddi is off to a HUGE start with the film making Nrs 1.3 crore across the country in two days (Friday and Saturday). According to Madhav Wagle from Popcorn Pictures Saturday alone is said to have brought the film 90 Lakhs business. Over here in the UK, Kabaddi Kabaddi had a successful screening in Aldershot on Saturday with many more screenings ahead in different locations across the UK. The Ram Babu Gurung film seems to have done it again and is expected to break quite a few records in the days to come! Even midst all the ‘crisis’, it’s refreshing to have a film uplift and spread joy across the population.

Here’s to many more films like Kabaddi Kabaddi!


Prach Shrestha from Popcorn Pictures wrote:

“After analyzing sales report of opening weekend, business trend and strong word of mouth; our prediction is – ‘Kabaddi Kabaddi’ is going to break the record of ‘Loot’ as the highest grossing Nepali film in multiplexes.

Despite the earthquake and ongoing blockade, Nepali film industry has already tasted record number of successes this year. ‘Resham Filili’, ‘Hostel Returns’, ‘Bhairav’, ‘Pardeshi’ and ‘Kabaddi Kabaddi’. And with lot of good films lining up, BS 2072 might be the year of the most ‘hits'”.

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