Miss Earth India 2015 Eco-Beauty Falsely Uses Nepal Clip As India!

Miss Earth India 2015 Aaital Khosla
Miss Earth India 2015 Aaital Khosla

Dear Miss Earth India 2015 Aaital Khosla.

After watching your eco-beauty video, I am in awe and amazed by the beauty of the land. I also realise that the land, the mountains, the bridges you have shown are not in India but in Nepal, a country of its own. I hope you actually managed to see your own video. I cannot imagine what your excuse would even be for talking about India and showing clips of Nepal, I even spotted a Nepali police in one scene.

Also, Miss Earth pageant, you should remove the video because Miss Earth India talks about Nepal and we already have Miss Earth Nepal talking about Nepal’s eco-beauty.

PS. Feel free to message/tag Miss Earth official page on Facebook and inform them about the video.

[originally posted on Facebook page on Nov 26, 2015 – 1531 GMT]

[The video has been removed by Miss Earth and Miss Earth India has apologised for the mistake]

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