Justin Bieber’s SORRY In Nepali Will Make You LOL

STOP what you’re doing and watch this hilarious short clip of these two Nepali lads from the UK with a case of Bieber Fever singing Justin Bieber’s SORRY! The guys with a very Nepali name, Augustus and Vincent, *lol* have translated the lyrics pretty well. The chorus ‘Hey hey hey hey’ is catchy! Lyrical genius there!

In case you want to sing along (as you do):
Hey hey hey hey
Ha ha ha ha ha (lol)

Risauna sakchau timi mero harek sacho ma
Taha cha timi lai sakdina mafi magna ma
Asha aja cha kasaile milaideu hami bichma
Chahanchu kebal ma ek mauka

Bhayo hola galti, ek due choti, timi ma bata
huna sakcha due ye choti bata saye ota
Tesaile bayan garna deu malai aja ko rata
Kinaki chahanchu ma yek mauka

Bhayo ra dhila aba magna mafiiiii
Kina ki samjhanchu ma timlai harek choti
Kay Bhayo ra dhila aba magna mafiiiii
Malai tahacha timilai gare chu nirsa
ki bhayo ra dhila magna lai k maf

Hey hey hey hey
Ha ha ha ha he he ho ho

*Vincent and Augustus*
*Vincent and Augustus*

Can we have Adele’s Hello please?

PS. Watch Justin Bieber’s SORRY from his new album Purpose. All of his new songs are amazing.

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