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If there’s one thing consistent in my life right now then it’s watching SINGHA DURBAR every week on YouTube! The political drama is quite something when it comes to Nepali shows. Gauri Malla as the PM of Nepal is definitely the boss lady that we need! Though the show may not match up to the American, British or Indian TV shows you might follow, it is another level of interesting and somewhat intellectually stimulating in comparison to the many TV shows available in Nepal. The 30 minute long episodes have a very documentary feel and one thing they can definitely work on is the pace. Nonetheless, I am enjoying watching the problems, the different types of people and relationships that is being portrayed every week.

I really want to figure out the story of Navin the blogger and his dad… I am sure it’s all going to be interlinked at the end. For those that struggle to understand Nepali (and yes there are many out there), there is also a subtitle option on YouTube for your convenience.

Very much looking forward to watching more episodes and watching better made TV shows of various genre.

Gauri Malla with Sahana Bajracharya on Namaste TV Show
Gauri Malla with Sahana Bajracharya on Namaste TV Show

PS. The dirty joke on Episode 2 was unnecessary. Those lines should’ve been left on the writers table.

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