Now What Is This…

Tirsana-Budhathoki-Nepal-Protest-Body-Art Tirsana-Budhathoki-Nepal-Protest-Body-Art-1

Oh lordy. Now what in the name of ‘art’ is this…

Here is “model” Tirsana Budhathoki with a unique form of protest against the current Indian blockade. Budhathoki’s body is painted with colours representing the Nepali flag, symbols, statements such as ‘Greater Nepal’ and ‘Back Off India’ as well as gas cylinders and petrol. It’s quite overwhelming and whilst the “model” seems to be very happy with the work of art, I am not too sure if viewers feel the same.

Let me know what you think.

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Lex Limbu
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  1. She kind of making us look like fool and idiots in front of the whole world which is true btw, she just doing it very hard, no need for such hard work. Just be yourself, world already know that we are indian little b*t*h
    No hard feeling

    • this is called art in my opinion she is expressing her opinion and there is nothing wrong many western counties go naked in front of their government office to show their support. And the hard truth u said is right we are little bitch yet we complain and do nothing to be independant

  2. बाहुनले बिगारेको देशमा जे पनि हुन्छ, यो देशको काट्टो खानेहरुले देशको नाम नै बिगारो।

    • There is alwways two type people in this world i like to bleive. One is ‘Good’ and other one is ‘Bad’. SImilarly in nepal or any other countries we have good and bad people so just because there is majority of ‘bahun’ poplualtion involved in politics does not mean the whole caste has fault and ruining our country. Please note: in this dark poltical turmoil times we need to stick together and do not blame each other especaillay caste, gender or religion.

      P.s: I am a half magar and half bahun. And sorry for bad spelling. I usually do not write like this but i had point out. Have a good day and lets work together for better nepal.

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