Be Labels Announces End of Season Sale!

Bijay Gautam Saree

Be Labels has announced its second end of season sale for 2015 for both the labels of Bijay Gautam and Drape Democracy. The sale which is already in full swing right now is offering sarees under both the labels at a super-discount rate with some starting at only Nrs 2800. Make sure you’re quick and you’re updated as there have been flash sales with upto 80% off on the beautiful sarees.

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Glimpses of DRAPE DEMOCRACY sarees

Drape-Democracy-Be-Labels-Bijay-Gautam-3 Drape-Democracy-Be-Labels-Bijay-Gautam-2 Drape-Democracy-Be-Labels-Bijay-Gautam-1 Drape-Democracy-Be-Labels-Bijay-Gautam

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