Is Rajesh Hamal Playing A Transgender Woman?


This exclusive photo from the sets of the upcoming film SHAKUNTALA has made it’s way online and it has got quite a number of people talking! The photo shows Mahanayak Rajesh Hamal decked out in a saree, with a necklace, tika and make-up. Whilst director Dinesh Shrestha has remained tight-lipped regarding the character portrayed by Hamal in the film, many speculate that the superstar will be playing the role of a transgender woman. We don’t know if the actor will be playing different characters or if this photo happens to be from a short scene. I guess we’ll only find out once the film hits the big screens later this year in April/May.

Rajesh Hamal has continuously promoted tolerance through his work in development and affiliations with various charities. I am hopeful that his character and representation will be one that respects individuals of the represented community. Kudos for taking the role on Rajesh Hamal.

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