What I Think Of Priyanka Karki’s Swatantra Song

The sizzling hot Priyanka Karki had the perfect gift for her fans with the release of her first original song SWATANTRA on the 1st of January! The actress and skilled dancer looks all set to master the world of music in the new year and she wasted no time with a live performance of the very song on the Namaste TV Show. In the video Priyanka looks flawlessly glamorous as she sashays around the luxurious The Pavilions Himalayas Pokhara. The music video has already racked up over 200,000 views on YouTube and invited opinions of all sorts.

The actress who has sung in the film Aawaran (alongside Yama Buddha) and covered Bachu Kailash’s Timi Le Ta Hoina in the past would have fared better with a stronger catchier first original single. But Priyanka Karki is an unstoppable force and she will do what she has set out to. Whether you like it or not, fans and non-fans can probably expect more music from Karki in the year 2016. She’s got the dance moves, the looks and a team that make her look every bit the ‘top actress’ she is, so I just hope the song choices in the future are more stronger.

PS. We know you can dance so I’m just waiting for a big club banger!! And you better dance 😉

Pop Star Priyanka!
Pop Star Priyanka!

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