One song that I have been guilty of hitting the ‘Replay’ button is ZAYN MALIK‘s new solo single Pillowtalk. Even though I found it okay on the first listen, I can’t seem to stop listening to it at the moment. I was pleasantly surprised to hear the cover of Pillowtalk by YouTuber Prechya Bajracharya also known as PARI. Her cover is also another sweet listen, very well complimented by her soft voice.


During my quick rummage through her uploaded videos I also discovered that Pari has done a cover of one of my favourite songs, ‘The Boys’ by Nicki and Cassie. Some listeners seem divided regarding Pari’s rap but I dig it. Maybe I just love the song. It’s so trashy, catchy and very pop.

Finally, the best cover by Pari definitely has to be Drake’s Hold On We’re Going Home. The team have done a pretty stellar job with that cover.

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  1. dear kukus voice pretty pari I just listen pillow’s marvellous ! yur voice combination , super acting! woww so sweet.keep it up dear.we r always with u.

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