Why Beyonce Should Drop ‘World’ From The Formation World Tour

The powerhouse of a performer, the celebrity to celebrities, Beyonce will soon embark on her FORMATION World Tour which was strategically announced after her performance of the song Formation at the Super Bowl 50 Halftime show. The Formation world tour will see the Single Ladies singer perform in larger than life stadium venues with over one million tickets being sold already and several dates added.

Beyonce’s body of work; songs and films are wonderful and she’s one of the best performers right now, however to call the Formation tour a world tour is something I find problematic. A tour which only travels to North America (USA and Canada) and Europe should not be referred to as a ‘world tour’ in the first place. Referring it to as the North American and Europe tour would be more appropriate as two continents does not equal the world. Overall the Formation tour so far has 40 dates starting April 27 to July 31 this year. The singer has not announced any additional dates. It is not only Beyonce (basically the management and tour promoter) who has done this but several other pop stars/musicians fall into the same boat. However, in the past Beyonce has performed in a variety of nations including Malaysia, South America, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, UAE, China, Egypt, India, Thailand etc. for her previous world tours.

What do you guys think of this? The way that concerts and such events by American/European organizers are promoted… it’s almost as if only they are the world and that’s it.

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  1. You have a truly valid point. Agreed!!! I am a Beyonce fan too but she or her producers might need to figure out the word ‘World’ in geography.

    Regards Shaku

  2. Good point and a good short read. Just one thing, I don’t think South America is a country (ignore me if I’m wrong).

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