Mira Rai Interaction Event in Folkestone

Trailrunner Mira Rai is currently in the UK for a race and the Nepalese community in the UK have rallied together to organize a felicitation and interaction event in a few weeks time. The event on the 1st of May will be an opportunity to meet Mira Rai and hear from her first-hand. The event also hopes to drum up financial support for Mira Rai. The event takes place at The Harvey Grammar School from 1PM onwards in Folkestone, Kent.

If Folkestone is too far for you then you can always check out Mira Rai Film on Vimeo! The film has received wonderful reviews from all over the world, so I am sure you won’t regret the watch.

Mira-Rai-Runner-Folkestone-UK Mira-Rai-Runner-Folkestone-UK-1

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