Mrs UK Nepal and Miss UK Nepal Auditions On MAY 7!

If you’re looking out for something to do with your mother or daughter in the summer then this might just be a super-interesting way of supporting one another and going through a mini-journey! 

Events and Ideas Production will be organising a joint audition on Saturday 7th of May at the Gurkha Palace Restaurant in Farnborough for Mrs UK Nepal and Miss UK Nepal. Whilst Miss UK Nepal was started back in 2010, this will be the first for Mrs UK Nepal. Organiser Shanti Gurung excitedly shared about the interest from married ladies to participate in such an event which has led to Mrs UK Nepal. The finale for Mrs UK Nepal will take place on the 30th of July whilst Miss UK Nepal will take place sometime in September.

The grand finale for Mrs UK Nepal will take place at the Empire Hall in Aldershot. The new favourite venue for Nepali events in the town.

I am pretty excited about Mrs UK Nepal! Seeing aunties strutting their stiletto heels on stage; surely set to be an entertaining evening I’m sure.

It’s also about time we get another new Miss UK Nepal – so ladies – do join in and participate if you’ve been thinking about it. I am sure it’ll be a memorable experience.

For any questions you can call up 07578365566 or email

Miss-UK-Nepal-2016 Mrs-UK-Nepal-2016

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