5 WORK Songs To Get You Through The Week!

We always need beats to get us through the day and for those in employment; to get us through WORK! Work or WERK, however you like to say or spell it, has been in popular use all over social media. It has been popularised by shows such as RuPauls Drag Race and various other celebrities through their use in songs and videos. However you heard it or use it, I came up with my favourite WORK songs that will definitely help you get through the week!


This is the biggest WORK song right now! Rihanna is back with her latest ANTi album and her song WORK featuring Drake has been topping the charts in USA, UK and many countries all over the world. The catchy song easily transports you to a Friday on the dance floor; getting down and killin’ it on the dancefloor.

Definitely the song to wake you up in the morning!

PS. I prefer the second video. How about you?


WORK BITCH by Britney Spears is hands down my favourite work anthem and the song I live by! Britney literally tells you that “if you wanna live fancy, you better WORK BITCH”. This song is a perfect reminder to why you go to work; to hopefully drive a Maserati, party in France and have a hot body. It’s definitely the song to play at the gym too! You read it, “now get to work bitch”.


I never thought one day this girl group would be the biggest girl bands when I watched them on the season two of X Factor USA. They’ve produced quite a few hits and their most recent track WORK FROM HOME is quite a  chilled out catchy track that asks you to work from home. Lol. The background beats sound so simple and nice.


Okay. I remember blasting this song at 6AM in the morning to get myself out of bed just to get to work; to fund my travels. Iggy sings/raps about hustling, being up all night at work and valley girls doing dirty things for fancy shoes. I do not advise you to follow all that she says. Make sure you continue working on your shit.


Having seen Ciara perform live, I can say she is an amazing dancer and a pretty good singer too. She definitely deserves so much more; she definitely works! This WORK song featuring Missy Elliot is an instant beat to show your moves on the floor and to actually get you out of bed and make sure you’re ready to own the day!

What’s your favourite WORK song from this blogpost? Or if your favourite work song isn’t here then share the link on the comment below.

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