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Within a short amount of time the story of Mira Rai has captured the imagination of women and men living all over the world. The Nepali trail runner has not only generated interest for her growing collection of medals but also for her story that many identify with. For many, she’s just like them… she’s from the hills and she’s working hard to provide the best for herself and her family.

The 40+ minute long film by Lloyd Belcher comes at a pivotal time capturing the growth of Mira Rai as a trail runner and athlete. From nostalgic journey tracing her roots and her family, to closely following her races in Italy, France and Hong Kong; the documentary film is close to being a ‘making of Mira Rai’. Her drive and her hunger to succeed is visible throughout the film. The journey of Mira captures stunning landscapes of various locations all over the world, something that Belcher excels in.

Mira Rai is an example for many reasons. She is hope for many young girls and women in Nepal (and developing nations) who till this day face prejudice for being a girl. She is an inspiration as she has shown that regardless of your background, you can go on to achieve wonderful things in life. She is hope to Nepali people that regardless of whatever is happening in the nation you can still push yourself and get closer to your goal.

I personally enjoyed the parts where she is interacting and shares that she drinks 5 liters of water a day, the intro of Kathmandu city is sweet but with a melancholy feel and the final montage with the present and past flashing together.

Mira Rai makes for a beautiful viewing that gives hope. The film is now available on Vimeo On Demand. The funding from Mira Rai film will go directly towards the film distribution around Nepal [free of charge] and for screenings of ‘Mira’ in remote villages and areas using simple projectors and screens. (read more on Mira Rai film funding). You can even host a screening in your educational institute or community.

Watch Mira Rai Film on Vimeo On Demand

Mira Rai in Bhojpur. Photo: Lloyd Belcher
Mira Rai in Bhojpur. Photo: Lloyd Belcher

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