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When The Bindass Sushma Karki Bumped Into Salman Khan!

The BINDASS actress Sushma Karki who's in the UK at the moment recently bumped into Bollywood actor Salman Khan in London. The Udhreko Choli item girl was pleasantly surprised to run into...

DHANAPATI’S Story Coming To Aldershot and London

The story of a common man Dhanapati warmed the hearts of the audience in Folkestone. The film which stars Khagendra Lamichhane and Surakshya Pant is currently being screened by 32 Box Ltd...

TUIN – A Film About Nepal’s Dangerous Ropeway

The infamous ropeways of Nepal "TUIN" have often been picked up by the global media and referred to as the "world's most dangerous school run". You've probably seen photos of young school...

WATCH: Mira Rai Film On Vimeo!

Within a short amount of time the story of Mira Rai has captured the imagination of women and men living all over the world. The Nepali trail runner has not only generated...

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“UK Government Must Send Urgent Vaccines to Nepal Now” Covid Alliance for Nepal UK

Covid Alliance for Nepal - UK calls on the UK government to send vital medical supplies. The collective have published their petition and encourage people to write to their MP's.

Biswa Limbu’s Journey To Mero Online TV!

With over 1.4 million subscribers, Mero Online TV is among the biggest YouTube channel in Nepal. Get to know the man behind the channel.

Young Children and Teens Meet People from the Gay and Trans Community

Young children and teens come together and meet members from the gay and transgender community in this video by ABA NORMAL.