TUIN – A Film About Nepal’s Dangerous Ropeway

The infamous ropeways of Nepal “TUIN” have often been picked up by the global media and referred to as the “world’s most dangerous school run”. You’ve probably seen photos of young school children using the ropeway to cross dangerous rivers to reach their schools splashed on Daily Mail to The Telegraph. Film enthusiasts will soon be able to watch TUIN a film which revolves around the central character Dhane and his family!

TUIN is a story of Dhane and the challenges he and his family face everyday to make ends meet. The village where Dhane lives depends on the tuin as a lifeline to be connected to bigger bazaars. The film is slated for a December 2 release in Nepal.

Observing the type of Nepali cinema being made in the recent past and even some this year have been quite promising. Whilst they may be pretty “off-beat” and not all about singing and dancing, they’re taking small stories or stories that many would have missed and bringing it to the big screen which is definitely praiseworthy.

I hope they release a theatrical trailer very soon!

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Lex Limbu
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