Director Veemsen Lama Seeks Support For Short Film CHYANTI

Director Veemsen Lama is back in UK and currently busy with the post-production of his upcoming short-film CHYANTI. The director has received critical acclaim for his previous short-film MAYA which went on to screen at the Raindance Film Festival, Screentest Student Film Festival (Nominated for Best Drama) and won the ‘Best International Short Film’ at the London Independent Film Festival 2016. You can read more about the success of MAYA and the accolades it has received by visiting its own webpage.

Veemsen Lama's Award Winning Short-Film MAYA
Veemsen Lama’s Award Winning Short-Film MAYA

Director Lama who formerly served in the British Armed forces completed his Bachelors degree in Digital Film Production at Ravensbourne. He’s currently seeking support for the post-production work of his upcoming short-film CHYANTI which is based in the period of the maoist revolution. The project is 75% funded so far and he only has 4 DAYS left! You can visit the IndieGogo page here and contribute towards the making of CHYANTI.

Plot Outline Of CHYANTI:

In the midst of the Maoist revolution, Ram, a guerrilla fighter, returns home to celebrate the festival of Dashain, only to realise that if he is to feed his family and send his daughter to school, he must sell Chyanti, the family goat, so beloved by his daughter, Sani. 

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