Ayushman’s Beautiful Cover of BASANTA (JPT ROCKERZ)

While we wait for Ayushman’s debut film CHAPALI HEIGHT 2 to release and hopefully entertain, thrill and excite us; here’s a cover of the popular song Basanta by JPT Rockerz covered by Ayushman. I know that the last song I shared which was a cover by Ayushman and Priyanka was received with an overwhelming number of negative response, I hope this video brings in more positive views because this guy has a wonderful voice. This song is very much suited for his voice. Super glad that he shared this cover on YouTube!

We’ll have to wait and see how his acting is and let’s not put too much pressure too as this is probably his first film. Je bhaye ni, I am sure Ayushman and his brother Aashirman (who will be making a debut with Gangster Blues) will shake up the Nepali film scene with their looks, following and persona!

Super excited for them both and to see them rise.

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