Study Reveals Forest Cover Has Increased in Nepal

A recent study by the Department of Forest Research and Survey and the National Forest Products Survey Project suggests that forest cover in Nepal has increased to 44.74% from 39.6%. The new survey was conducted between 2067 and 2071 BS whereas the previous one was done between 1987 to 1998 according to news report published on The Himalayan Times.

Unfortunately, there have been an alarming level of forest fires reported across the country in the past few months. It is believed that up to 350,000 hectares of forest has been burnt down in forest fires this year.

Promising results as well as major concerns ahead… It is saddening to know that many communities and lives were affected by the recent forest fires. I hope people from the community level with the support from the state bodies are better equipped to tackle the forest fires in the coming days and in the near year time period.

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Lex Limbu
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