MUST WATCH: Rekha Thapa’s Entertaining Performance At AmarPanchhi

Even though it has been a few days since the AmarPanchhi event, I still can’t get over how dope Rekha Thapa‘s performance was. Her entry to Beyonce’s Girls (Run The World) beat was pretty spectacular and the way she owned that gun and wielded it here and there like she’s the biggest boss of Nepali showbiz (to be fair, she is the biggest boss in da industry) basically slayed the entire performance.

Let’s also talk about how she has so many amazing filmy hits. But Slowly Slowly, Simple Simple Kanchi, Timilai Kunai Pal, We Want Freedom; those songs definitely does the trick! I still can’t cope with the Simple Simple Kanchi Remix with Turn Down For What… like what… how… I can’t. Oh and the dialogues in-between – o my gaddd, with a social message might I add, what a QUEEN!

I know a lot of people might say, Nepal ko top heroine bhayera ni kasto motto bhayeko etc etc. But come on, she’s Rekha Thapa… she’s made it big being who she is, the way she is and how she is. Her films draw thousands to the cinemas and she’s one of the few people in Nepal who has that ‘star’ power.

May you continue being the boss lady that you are and being so entertaining you Queen, Princess, Warrior, Hero, Actress; Rekha Thapa.

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Lex Limbu
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