Bipul Chettri’s First Music Video Is Finally Here!!

Bipul Chettri is a rare musician who’s music has remained the focus of his artistry. He may have millions of listeners all over the world and be a household name but what the singer didn’t have until recently was a music video! It was definitely worth the wait though. Bipul Chettri shared his first ever music video for Wildfire/Dadhelo on the 21st of May and I am in awe of the talent and effort that has gone into making this video.

The singer has collaborated with Polka Studios who really have outdone themselves with their work. Before the release of the video, the Wildfire singer shared that the artist Asis Rai (Polka Studios) “worked tirelessly for 18 months to hand draw approximately 6000 pages singlehandedly”.

The three and half minute long video is an inspiring journey of the singer from the boy he was to the man he is now. I am sure the video will relate to the stories of many creators at home/in their rooms, working hard with passion and soul to create art and learning to fly. My favourite part of the video has to be at 1:24 when he steps out of the house; very symbolic.

Incredible work by Polka Studios with the video and the song sounds as beautiful as the first day I heard it. May Bipul Chettri and The Travelling Band continue to create many more music that will go on to live for years to come.

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Lex Limbu
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