Samriddhi Rai’s First SAMMY ADVENTURES Video!

Samriddhi Rai’s first episode from her new travel youtube series SAMMY ADVENTURES is finally here! The bubbly beauty queen is in the middle of a huge controversy right now and I definitely would not like to go there but where I do want to go is – CHITLANG and KULEKHANI thanks to the first episode Chasing The Chitlang Cheese.

I must say, the first episode is brilliant! SAMMY ADVENTURES not only showcases places and people but is also decked with information and commentaries that make it entertaining to the right amount. It also looks like Samriddhi has been able to get the support of quite a few names/brands as you can see strategic product placement here and there. Great job!

Can’t wait for the upcoming videos! It looks like it will just get better and better!

PS. I didn’t know you could swim in Kulekhani. Looks laaavvely!

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Lex Limbu
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