Nepal Reacts To Anmol KC’s Acting (VIDEO)

You know how when it was really cool to just ridicule Justin Bieber and then 2015 happened when he released Where are you now, What do you mean, Sorry and Love Yourself and everyone starting jumping on his (dick) hype. I feel like it’s the same with Anmol KC right now – he’s at the stage where a lot of people seem to be making fun of him a little too much. It’s like, some people haven’t even seen his movies but I guess it’s fun to make fun of people? Then again, he’s a star (quite a big one too) so everyone is also entitled to their opinion no matter how negative they may be.

I feel for the actor. There’s such huge pressure on him to do amazing and he is only four films in. Some people almost blame him for his films being successful and for the lack of success in other films with “good actors”. If he can (with whatever) pull the crowd then that’s great; maybe his fans and some people want to watch and enjoy the cheesy rom-coms, cheesy love story. Minus DREAMS, I have seen Hostel, Jerryy and Gajalu and I do think he’s making progress (it might be small). Fair enough he’s an okay actor and not the best but the amount of mockery he has received is a bit too much don’t you think? Then again, we’ve repeatedly witnessed public figures/personalities being mocked online so I guess that’s nothing new and these personalities probably have a skin thicker than a rhino by now.

The other point is… there are many other actors like Anmol who in their beginning did a lot of SO and SO films and their acting was also very SO and SO. Let’s not name names here but even some of the other actors took their time to find their common ground and hone their acting skills. That’s all. I hope there will be that moment in the near future when Anmol KC does deliver something different and noteworthy which could help redefine him for the many out there; his Justin Bieber 2015 moment.

On that note, here’s the latest episode of Nepal Reacts! I am loving the editing here by these guys.

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  1. Yeah he is definitely not an oscar worthy actor and people should not be expecting too much from him. there is definitely some room for improvements and I am sure he will get there eventually.
    besides, I really don’t understand why the words like “actress” or “chori” are being used as an insult. Is is because Nepalese community think that being a woman is shameful?

    • Who are you to judge?Do you think crowd does not understand acting and you do better than other,We know who are nepali actor deserve success,In my opion you are one who has swag only nothing morethan that..

      • I am a person who belongs to “the crowd’. So i have full right to judge and voice my opinions. It’s no about deserving and non deserving. It’s about who reaches towards success. And this gentleman isn’t scessfull yet but his films are, thanks to him.

  2. Biased!! And SOOOOO FAKE Reaction!!!!!!!!! I think the producer of this video intentionally want to let anmol kc down. I’m not a fan of him. but have to say, the video is very bad. Spreading hate, not love.

  3. And please.. what do you mean by sating he is not an actor and he is an “actress” ?
    to people who say this, you need to rethink.

    • ikr, it just shows how sexist people are. Interesting enough, women are also using ‘girl’ or ‘woman’ as an insult which is more sickening.

  4. I don’t know why people are criticizing him. He is very good actor. I appreciate that he doesn’t have good acting but it doesn’t mean that he will be acting like this forever. He is improving as far as I can see. In our Nepal, if anyone get success then there are lots of people who try to pull legs. As, this video easily proves. I guess that people are jealous of him. Guys, show respect to actor.
    ———> Anmol Just go ahead. Give a shit to haters <——–

  5. Haters Why don’t you teach them if you think he really does lack acting….. m not his fan but I respect Nepali actors and the actors who are really doing good business….

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