Phiroj Shyangden Sabin Rai and Naren Limbu Arrive For NEPAL MUSIC FESTIVAL

Sabin Rai, Naren Limbu and Phiroj Shyangden are in the UK for Nepal Music Festival! The festival by Parcha Productions will take place on Friday June 17th at the Coronet Theatre in London. The first Nepal Music Festival will have the incredible JPT Rockerz from London joining the line up along with the music veterans from Nepal. Naren-Limbu-Sabin-Rai-Nepal-Music-Festival-2016-London Phiroj-Shyangden-Nepal-Music-Festival-2016-London

Phiroj Shyangden, the former 1974AD musician is currently based in the USA and performing as a solo artist. Singers Naren Limbu and Sabin Rai arrived in London together few days ago! The musicians from outside of Nepal have been busy promoting the event and visiting the Nepali town of Aldershot in Hampshire!

Catch them live on FRIDAY!

PS. The Nepal v MCC cricket match it also around the corner – well – July 19th Tuesday and these musicians have been incredible in promoting that as well.


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