Rekha Thapa’s PALASH Film Teaser Is Here!

In her recent films we have seen Rekha Thapa play the ultimate hero! She has been kicking ass and running the entire show by herself. Whether it’s Rawan, Kali or Himmatwali, Rekha Thapa has been the ultimate star of her films and breaking stereotypes along the way. So it comes as surprise to see the new teaser of PALASH, a film by Subash Koirala where Rekha Thapa looks like she’s taking the backseat after a really long time.

Rekha looks very demure in the portions where she features in the teaser. On first viewing, it looks like Rekha Thapa plays the typical small town girl who’s being wooed by a handsome hero. I feel like maybe there is more to it though and maybe her character is of a sex-worker? Hmm! Just an assumption there so let’s not jump to conclusion. Palash stars Ayub KC, Kameshwor Chaurasiya, Prakash Ghimire, Kamal Devkota and more. The film will release in cinemas across Nepal this Tihar!

Right in time for the festive season!

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