Get Ready To Laugh With CHAKKA PANJA in Aldershot!

The makers behind Wada No. 6 are back again to make you laugh out loud with CHAKKA PANJA. The film by the Tito Sitya duo Deepak and Deepa will have its first UK screening on September 17 at The Princes Hall in Aldershot. After sharing CHAKKA PANJA’s trailer previously, I have become hooked to the song Purba Paschim Rail. The film reminds me of the time when Nepali cinema was simple, colourful and vibrant with dialogues. Of course, now we have films in the industry that touch on serious issues, independent in genre, art-films, dark humour and many more avenues being explored. Indeed an exciting time to observe films and stories unfold.

CHAKKA PANJA’ looks set to woo the mass audience with its dialogues, comedy timing and catchy songs. You’re bound to be hearing the songs during the festive seasons ahead. The Aldershot screening of CHAKKA PANJA’ is being organised by Nepalese Entertainment UK who have managed many Nepali film screenings and entertainment evenings till date. With advance tickets already on sale for £10 (on the door for £15), the screening at The Princes Hall will commence at 6PM.

Tickets for the screening can be purchased in various shops in Aldershot, through phone booking and on the day.

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Lex Limbu
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