Watch GAJALU In Ten Cineworld Cinemas This Weekend!

GAJALU received it’s second UK premiere on Friday last week at the Cineworld Aldershot where the leading lady Shristi Shrestha arrived accompanied by her parents. The Sold Out screening came ahead of GAJALU’s Friday and Saturday screenings at Cineworld Cinemas across the country this weekend.

GAJALU marks the first Nepali film to be screened by a UK cinema chain. Cineworld will be screening the Hem Raj Bista film in Aberdeen – Queens Links, Aldershot, Ashford, Birmingham – Broad Street, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London – Feltham, London – The o2 Greenwich, London – Wembley and Swindon – Shaw Ridge. The film is showing in the ten cinemas on Friday 26th August with one screening per cinema and on Saturday 27th August (there is a Sunday screening in some cinema). It is important for the film to receive a good response and occupancy on the first Friday to follow up the Saturday screening.

Photo: INFA
Photo: INFA

We tend to overuse the term “historic moment” but I really do believe this is a “historic moment” for Nepali cinema in the UK. The response to GAJALU in Cineworld cinemas will ultimately pave the way for the future of Nepali cinemas being screened at one of UK’s largest chain cinemas. The group behind bringing GAJALU to Cineworld, the International Nepalese Film Academy (UK) have mentioned they will screen up to eight Nepali films at Cineworld.

Photo: Pradeep Singh
Photo: Pradeep Singh

English subtitle is available for the film and I am not exaggerating when I say that the film is actually an entertaining watch. Take a friend with you or your family and enjoy GAJALU at a cinema near you!

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