The Story Of Children and Youth First – Haushala Thapa and Amanda Brown

Children and Youth First‘s founder Haushala Thapa and executive president Amanda Brown presented a joint TEDx Talk in Lancaster (USA) where they touched upon miracles, connections and pushing the boundaries. The talk which has been titled ‘Unexpected Connections: A Change and Miracle’ was delivered in September this year.

To watch this video was very encouraging. Having met Haushala first in 2011 but only actually spending more time and getting to know Children and Youth First – as an organisation and the family of children there – during this years Tracing Nepal experience, I am so incredibly grateful for the action that Haushala took at a young age. The lives that she has changed, the lives that she and her friends – now team – have changed is something I can’t quite express in words. The children, full of charisma, personality and curiosity give me hope that they will go onto make something out of themselves.

Before I distract you further, please do view the video. A wonderful joint talk with such a lovely ending. Tracing Nepal 2016 had an incredible time at Children and Youth First and we are very much looking forward to Tracing Nepal 2017 at CYF. On that note, we also have a CYF update very soon via Tracing Nepal.

Happy Viewing – and if you enjoyed the watch then please give it a share too.

PS. The ‘Tracing Nepal’ black tote bags that I carry everywhere was made from ‘Haushala’.

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