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We’re constantly thinking about food and what to have for lunch, dinner or breakfast. At times I almost think that life is a series of events based around food. Thanks to Instagram and Snapchat, now you almost feel like you’re having food from around the world as you see countless posts made by your friends of what they’re eating. Some even share the updates of them making the food. While it can be interesting at times, it is also a bit too much.

With a lot of Nepali magazines focusing on lifestyle in general, there aren’t many that focus on food specifically! With the amount of restaurants, bars and cafe’s mushrooming in Kathmandu, Pokhara and other towns in Nepal, it’s quite surprising that food magazines aren’t quite a thing yet. Even outside of Nepal, we have some amazing Nepali restaurants that serve us momos and sukuti and so many Nepali men and women working in some of the finest restaurants in the world (I’m not joking here).

Gorkha Delish is not just a magazine but a “true tale of the Nepali ways”. The magazine which is available online in a nutshell is about food and Nepal. The features include interviews with restaurateurs to chefs and reviews of independent restaurants to hotel restaurants located in the capital. Contributions are sent by foodies from all over as people share their favourite recipe! Even actor Raj Ballav Koirala shared how he makes his favourite chicken curry. Unfortunately, I fail in the kitchen and cooking however I can probably make a good contribution by recommending my best picks in Kathmandu.

As November is the month of Tihar – get to know some food best associated with this festive season by catching up on Gorkha Delish online!

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